Magick is all around us - open your mind and it is yours!

Let Inner Sunshine make you strong - remove that mask of yours.

A few words about me

I love fantasy; to be able to dream myself into other worlds, where I can be whatever I want to be

- Maria Retz

I love being creative: writing, singing, acting, dancing, video editing, photography (shooting & retouching) - you name it! 

I enjoy creating singing videos for youtube.

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Nature Lives

How I love nature...

To feel the sweet brush of a mild breeze.

To watch the sunset behind mountains great.

To sail on wild rivers, with heavy streams.

To bath in a forest's silvery moonlight mist.

To dance with fairies, fairest and beautiful.

- Maria Retz  

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08.04 | 22:50

That adorable beautiful face! Maria you are the sweetest cutest girl ever! Precious beauty in each picture. :) You got me smiling again. :)

29.03 | 20:24

I love all your pics Maria. You're the most lovely prettiest blonde dream girl. This is so cute with the mirror. Yes you are the fairest of them all. ;)

29.03 | 20:11

So beautiful! Sunlight shining on your gorgeous pretty face & beautiful blonde hair. You have this innocent pure beauty Maria my dear. Love your expression. :)

29.03 | 20:07

I love this pic,the sunlight from the window,so cool,it has a lonely feel to it that I can relate to. Maria you're like the most adorable cutest princess. :)

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