My Creative Experiences


I love singing! I simply just love singing.

It makes me free and happy.
It is pure healing for my body, mind and soul.

I often sing in front of my beloved Yamaha keyboard, both covers and my own songs.
I enjoy performing when I have friends on a visit.


- I make singing videos for YouTube, both covers and original songs: check it out at
I have chosen to focus all my energy on this, so I don't sing in a band or attend a choir anymore.

- As a teenager and a young adult, I took solo lessons with Lise Nees (Broadway Technique). Lise is an amazing teacher, I highly recommend her

- As a young adult/adult I used to sing in a band (symphonic rock), it was fun and I learned a lot about studio recording. 

- I used to sing in a choir at work


- I was at the music line at Fløng production school from 2002-2004. We performed several times and I sang lead voice several times, as well as choir. I learned a lot and it was tons of fun.

At the music line there was a singing teacher too, so we got singing lessons each Monday and Tuesday.


I have performed several times as a singer, both solo and with other singers.
Among others:
- the 20th anniversary of the music school I was attended. I sang a Nordic song, with a large orchestra of violins and other fascinating instruments. The song was written by my song teacher and composed by another teacher at the music school. I had the honour of singing it at the first performance. 
- Once a year music schools from all over the country are performing in Tivoli in Copenhagen, the band I was attended at the music school also participated one year and it was a great experience.

- As a child/teenager I took keyboard lessons. 

- I am able to read music.


I don't have enough sparetime to get to work a lot as an actress, but I do have some experience with it.

- Some years ago I took several method acting solo lessons with Lotte Arnsbjerg.

I have also attended

- 14 hours intensive method acting training course with Lotte Arnsbjerg
- 25 hours intensive method acting training course with Lotte Arnsbjerg
- 41 hours intensive method acting training course with Lotte Arnsbjerg

- Long Form (improvisation technique) training course.

- teacher (one of two leading parts) in the Danish movie campaign Behandl' Dine Lærere Bedre

- An extra in the movie "Tre skridt fra livet"

- A part in a music video - El Video "What I'm not"

- One short movie via Video Marathon

- Catwalk, Fashion Show, in Ireland, with a production school I was attended

- Two short movies via Video Marathon

- Catwalk, Fashion Show at a production school I was attended

- Amateur Theater "Tag Trappen" three parts and a live song

- Catwalk, Fashion Show at a production school I was attended


I love writing. 
There is nothing better than to dream yourself into amazing stories. 

Sometimes while writing, it is like I am experiencing the story myself, like I am the persons I am writing about - as if I am living their lives.
It is a very fascinating feeling.


I am unsure whether or not it is correct to call it experiences, as I am not (yet) a professional writer. On the other hand, it is something I have much experience with, as I have been working with these projects for quite some years now.

I am concentrating on two Danish fantasy stories:
A series (to be four to seven books of 300-500 pages each) and a single novel (to be 300-500 pages).
I work on the other writing projects in between.

Below is a list of all of my writing projetcs. (I know it may seem like a lot of projects... well, it is a lot of projects lol).
I may or may not complete all of them (in this life or the next, who knows), but they are all so very dear to me that I can't take them off my writing list 
Since I won't expose the titles or what the stories are about, then they may seem pretty alike when just reading about them like this, but they are all different stories taking place in different universes.

A fantasy book trilogy, in English:
My heart, my love, my soul: This is the story that started it all. This is the idea that made me want to become a writer. I began working on it in April 2002, though to begin with I wrote it as a screenplay trilogy. I later found out that it is books I want to write. I have invented my own language with grammar and history for this trilogy. It is a HUGE universe and is to become three books of about 500 pages each.

A fantasy/love book, in English:
This story contains lots of crazy wonderful magic. I got inspired by the movie 'Labyrinth', though it is a completely different story and you probably wouldn't recognize much from 'Labyrinth' in it.

- A sombre musical, in English:
This story is full of dark magic and love. It does not have a happy ending, in fact, one of the people I used to know said she never would forgive me for creating such an ending lol. It takes place in 1617 at a castle and is a love story between a maid representing light and a man representing darkness. I have written several songs for it and the story is completed.

A fantasy book series, in English:
This may be one of the most detailed and developed stories and universes of them all. It is just perfect lol. It has it all - magic, love, tragedy, friendship, war... just everything. 

A fantasy book, in English:
This was actually an idea I got from one of the many writing exercises I do. It is pretty brutal, but also full of hope
A fantasy book series, in Danish
This is one of the two stories I am focusing on. It is to become five to seven books of about 300-500 pages each. It actually began with a movie that I was to write with another person. However, one of his other film projects became a reality, so I ended up taking all of my own ideas and creating this new story. I at first intended to write it as a single novel, but the story just kept developing and suddenly I had this huge universe, this perfect story... so it became a series instead. 

A fantasy book , in Danish
This is the other one of the two stories I am focusing on. It is my favourite of all of my stories and has some very dark magic, some very seductive love and some very dangerous fights in it. The poor lead has absolutely no idea what awaits her and she will learn that secretly dreaming of magical things to happen is not always something you should do - it might come true and there is a huge difference between imagination and reality.

A tragical love story, manuscript for a theater, in Danish:
I have begun writing this one, but I honestly don't know if I will complete it. I am more into writing fantasy, but I kinda like this story, so perhaps I will, only time will show

More than 100 songs, most of them in English, some in Danish and a few in one of the languages I have invented myself:
(I love writing songs and I love to sing them in front of my keyboard with or without an audience)

More than 100 poems, both in English and Danish:
I have completed an English collection of poems, it only needs proofreading. I hope to someday self-publish it. I have also written a few Danish poems, but for some reason I prefer writing poems in English.

Short stories, both in English and Danish:
(I do not intend to publish these. They are just stories I enjoy writing now and then, without thinking of creating a complete universe with all it takes)

Many incomplete writings, not meant to be completed:
(Such as very short stories/writing exercises and ideas for new stories that may or may not develop into stories for books)


What is better than to dance? To fall into trance with the music and use it to move your body in the most fantastic ways?

I have taken

- Ballet. Solo lessons with Maria Savery.  
- Ballet. Team lessons with practised people (I took a few hours on a practised team)
However, I do not dance ballet very well, it was just to have some fun- and to exercise a bit in a new way

- I dance almost every day, often in front of the mirror 
I love dancing games like Wii Just Dance 1+2, Wii Zumba Fitness etc.


I am not a model, but I do enjoy being photographed, both by others and to use the timer to take photos myself ;)



I am taking my own photos, with my Nikon D3300 camera or my iPad/iPhone.

I edit my photos, using several different photo editing apps on my iPad, as well as professional photo editing software on my Windows PC.



- I have been photographed by Henning Sjøstrøm back in 2006-2008. I have also been photographed for many years (and am still being from time to time) by Karin Clarissa Lydeking. Heidi Nielsen have played with several of my photos and have manipulated them into magical images.

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