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Thursday, November 5 2009

Dear Diary,

Today, after work, I will buy the newest book in the series 'The Legend of The Ice People' by Margit Sandemo.
This is my favourite book series. She is an excellent author and I want to read every single book she has written, which is about 170 or so.
While I am in the shopping centre, then I may look for some new blouses too, however I don't know if I after buying the book just will go home instead, to cook and then watch The 10th Kingdom, disc B and afterwards read The Legend of The Ice People book 34, so I asap can read book 35 (the book I am going to buy today). Wow, I am good at writing things in a confusing way, am I not  well, but at least I have some kind of control when writing my books - thank God for proofreadings - nah it's not that bad... anyway, it's a wonderful challenge to rewrite sentences in your book so they become easier to understand and still has the same power - oh wait, sentences you don't understand don't have any power so...
Aih, I better stop writing and go back to staring at the empty air in front of me...

Magical love,

Tuesday, October 6 2009

Dear Diary,

I am happy. I really am happy. I have no idea why I am happy, but I am happy
Sometimes we don't need any reason to be happy. However, I think it may be because it went well in the studio last night. We recorded some opera-alike chorus and it was such a blast. My gosh how we laughed.
It is interesting, really, how little it takes to make you go from depressed to euforic. Well, it depends, of course, on the situation, but when it's just a normal everyday-depressed-mood thingy thing, then it doesn't need much to make your mood much better.
A smile could do it. A hug from someone you didn't expect would hug you. A friendly hello from someone you thought didn't like you. Or perhaps, just perhaps, just a strange feeling that everything is okay, even though life treats you a bit hard now and then.
Oh, isn't it wonderful, how unpredictable life is sometimes. On the other hand, sometimes it's horrible when it's unpredictable, but right now I am talking good things, good unpredictable things that happens to you when you least expects it to.

I am keeping a break from writing on my Danish fantasy series, as I have such an annoying feeling each time I open the document... I almost hate it, yet, at the same time I love it and then I get so frustrated because I can't stand even just the thought alone of working with it  BUT, I'm not giving up, not at all, far from it - definitely NOT. I will work with it again in a few months. In the meantime I am working with my Danish collections of poems (which means writing new poems and proof reading those I have written)
And now, dear diary, I shall go back to everyday life for a little while.

With all my love,
PS. Sorry for spelling errors etc. I have no time to correct it right now

Wednesday, August 12 2009

Dear Diary,


I really could need a vacation – well, then it’s good I have vacation from next week lol. YAAAAAY

The last week of my vacation I will spend on moving my last stuff into my new flat. I can’t wait to move in to it.

It is such a good feeling to create a home.

Each time I stand in my new flat, looking out my windows (two of them actually are a door for a french balcony), I get this special feeling of freedom, peace and a wonderful knowledge that a new era of my life has begun.

Now I only need a few more things and my life is perfect. It will be a hard road to attain some of my goals, but it will be worth it. Other things I need luck with more than intelligence and creativity… but I am sure I am lucky enough to achieve that in my life as well.


And now, a special note for you, my dear readers.

I will give you an advice you already know, but most likely don’t use as much as you should:

Do never give up if there is something you want (as long as it won’t hurt anyone of course).

This is the road I follow; it’s one of my strongest sides.


I wish you all tons of good luck with everything in life

Have a happy summer


With love,


Sunday, May 17 2009

Dear Diary,

I've had a relaxing weekend. I've watched movies and read in the newest book of The Legend of The Ice People, by Margit Sandemo.
I'm a huge fan of Sandemo, she's an amazing writer. The Legend of The Ice People, I can never wait for the next book to come... a month is too long to wait lol
I read them in Danish, but will buy them in English soon, to read the stories again and learn better English at the same time.

With love,

Friday, May 15 2009

Dear Diary,

We learn from our own mistakes and sometimes (quite often too, actually) we learn from others' mistakes.
My life has taught me quite a lot, I should say. I don't complain, though, as we grow by experiencing, but now and then life surely can be hard to go through.
It's always so easy to blame others for the things that happens, but often it is misunderstandings that leads to arguments and therefore you can't blame only the other person nor can you blame only yourself.
I have just been in such a situation and it is never nice to experience, but at least I learned from it, as I am sure that my "opponent" learned her lesson as well.
Today I don't mind what happened, after all it was the best that could happen, as I otherwise would had spend a lot of money on a person I wouldn't feel comfortable with.
Well, it's time to move on

I haven't exactly been great at training my voice or proofreading my Danish fantasy book series for a long while, but lately it has become much better. Perhaps I just needed a break from it?
These days I proofread a lot and I enjoy to train my voice.

My life is quite good, well, there are always battles we need to fight, but these are the experiences we learn most from.

Now, I may write some more later today, who knows?

With love,


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08.04 | 22:50

That adorable beautiful face! Maria you are the sweetest cutest girl ever! Precious beauty in each picture. :) You got me smiling again. :)

29.03 | 20:24

I love all your pics Maria. You're the most lovely prettiest blonde dream girl. This is so cute with the mirror. Yes you are the fairest of them all. ;)

29.03 | 20:11

So beautiful! Sunlight shining on your gorgeous pretty face & beautiful blonde hair. You have this innocent pure beauty Maria my dear. Love your expression. :)

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I love this pic,the sunlight from the window,so cool,it has a lonely feel to it that I can relate to. Maria you're like the most adorable cutest princess. :)

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