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Friday, November 12 2010

Dear Diary,

It is Friday and so soon it is weekend
I hope to add a lot of my books to Librarything profile this weekend , but time will show whether I do or not. Perhaps even some Wii Fit Plus or Wii Just Dance lol, I love Wii, it's so fun and a good way to get some exercise instead of just sitting in a chair watching a movie (although I must admit that can be quite tempting most of the time).
Wow, I can't believe how seldom I write here, even when I promise to write more often. Well, once again I promise this and I will try my best to keep my promise.
It is winter in Denmark now and a typical winter is rain, rain and... well I am sure you've already guessed it, RAIN...
I can't wait for Spring to come and knock on my door and invite me outside to dance with the living nature giving birth to everything new, but until then, I shall enjoy the times indoor in a cosy environment, good movies and good books
Have a fantastic day and weekend.

Magical love,

Monday, July 12 2010

Dear Diary,

Wow, it is so hot today. I know we shouldn't complain that it is too hot, since we "always" complain when it isn't summer, but seriously, I wouldn't mind if it cooled down a bit (or a lot).
This weekend my friend Clarissa visited me. Saturday we went to the cinema to see 'Eclipse' and I loved it. I like how Jasper's character has evolved. I haven't read the books yet, yes, I have read 'Twillight', but I still need the rest of them - I will read them soon, hopefully.
I am totally addicted to the book series 'The Legend Of The Ice People' by Margit Sandemo, my favourite series by my favourite author. I love all of her books and am thrilled to have found out that another of her series will get published in Denmark in late 2010. Right now there is 'The Legend Of The Ice People' (47 books) and 'The Sandemo Series' (not published in English, so don't know what it would be called in English) where each book is an independent story (I don't know how many books there are in this series)...
You know, I love languages and reading Sandemo makes me love Danish even more, I learn so many new words with each of her books I read.
Well, I guess this is all for now, since I can't think or focus or concentrate or anything in this heat

Magical love,

Thursday, May 13 2010

Dear Diary,

I actually should lay in bed sleeping, it is 10:30pm and I have to get up at 6:40 tomorrow to go to work. However, I thought it was time to write something in my diary, it's been six months and eight days since I last wrote in it.

Wow, so many thing have happened since last time that it feels like a completely new life - I cannot count how many times I have felt like this through my now 26 years (ugh! I am getting old lol)

I am no longer in the band. I chose to leave since we never really completed anything and I felt like wasting my time there, I didn't feel any happiness about going to the studio with them and then it definitely is time to stop.

Now I need to buy a new keyboard, definitely a Yamaha, and then I will upload tons of singing videos to my youtube account - I hope to buy the keyboard next month.

I have also taken a Level I/II seminar in Reconnective Healing, one of the best things I've ever done for myself (if not the best). You can read more about it here

Oh, I better stop writing now so I can get some sleep, but I hope to write more soon

Goodnight Zzz Zzz

Magical love,

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08.04 | 22:50

That adorable beautiful face! Maria you are the sweetest cutest girl ever! Precious beauty in each picture. :) You got me smiling again. :)

29.03 | 20:24

I love all your pics Maria. You're the most lovely prettiest blonde dream girl. This is so cute with the mirror. Yes you are the fairest of them all. ;)

29.03 | 20:11

So beautiful! Sunlight shining on your gorgeous pretty face & beautiful blonde hair. You have this innocent pure beauty Maria my dear. Love your expression. :)

29.03 | 20:07

I love this pic,the sunlight from the window,so cool,it has a lonely feel to it that I can relate to. Maria you're like the most adorable cutest princess. :)

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