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Thursday, December 27 2012

Dear Diary,

So, Christmas has come and passed and the end of 2012 is getting closer...

I have had a wonderful Christmas and have gotten exactly what I wished for, which is:

- Hex Hall #1

- Hex Hall #2

- Hex Hall #3

- Neverland

- Brave

- Ice Age 4


- Café

- World Without End

- Terra Nova

- Lie To Me, season two

- Grimm, season one

- Once Upon A Time, season one

- Estée Lauder, Pure White Linen
- Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
- Gilette Venus Breeze Blades
- Garnier Pure 3in1 wash-scrub-mask
- Garnier Pure pore purifying toner


So many wonderful things Hjerte

and now that it is my vacation soon (week 2), then I will have plenty of time to watch the DVDs and read the books


Magical love,




Sunday, November 25 2012

Dear Diary,

I seriously can't believe December is only a week away. What? How on Earth did a whole year pass without me hardly noticing it? I mean, sure, thinking back I know I have experienced a lot, but still... time flies a little too fast sometimes, I can hardly keep up Chokeret lol
Well, but it is a good sign... if a year felt like an eternity, it would mean that you were bored and that is no good. I can't even remember when the last time was I felt bored... there are just so many things to do, too many to ever feel bored Vinker
I have been watching a lot of Glee lately and I can't get enough of it, it is amazing... and when you love music then that series is A MUST - at least to me it is Hjerte
Now I am off to watch Supernatural, it's been so long since I last watched it and I love it, it's weird I haven't watched it for so long... but there are just sooooo many series to watch, so many to choose between - and when you love 'em all... no further explanation necessary, I guess Vinker

Have a magical day and remember to always believe and never give up, 'cause it isn't until you give up that you lose.


Magical love,





Sunday, September 09 2012

Dear Diary,

So, a few hours left of my summer vacation...

Tomorrow it's back to work (oh sigh, who decided that vacations have to have an end?)

I've had three wonderful weeks, though Smiler and I really can't complain much about my job, since I kinda love it Vinker

The first two weeks I was in Bad Gastein in Austria, where we walked some pretty long walks every single day. One day we walked an eight hour walk, four hours each way with only a 15 minutes break. It was hard, but so beautiful that you didn't notice just how hard it was until you got back - I almost couldn't move my feet the last mile.

To begin with we had 30 degrees c and sunshine, then suddenly 2-3 days later it was 8 degrees c and SNOW Vild Pretty crazy weather if you ask me, but it had its charm to have both hot summer and cold autumn/winter. The day we were to go home, we were told that in Sportgastein (a 2-3 hours walk from Bad Gastein up the mountains) so much snow had fallen that we could go build a snowman, take a photo and send it home with the text "our summer photo." Well, we didn't have time for that, but it would have been fun.

The last week I've enjoyed at home with a lot of great TV series and books. I've bought season one of 'True Blood' and I can't get enough of it, I just want more, more, MORE... I actually didn't think I would like it, but as it happened with 'Vampire Diaries' (which I didn't thought I would like either) then it surprised me. 'True Blood' is just so... it's just so... sexy -- Oh, wow, Bill The Vampire sure could come pay me a visit anytime he'd like Vinker

I've also completed a major correction I needed to make in one of the Danish fantasy books I am writing. Now I have to make some description work and drawings before I can continue writing on the actual book. While doing the description work for that book I will go through the 1½ book of the Danish fantasy book series I am writing, since I was so "clever" to just start writing it before making description lists of the characters and places, so now I must make sure I haven't written that the lovely female lead has brown hair to begin with and then suddenly red hair somewhere else in the book (just to name a stupid example of a mistake I never would make - I hope hehe). It will take time, lots of time, but I enjoy going through my books, to find new things in the story, new messages etc. that I didn't think of while writing it. When I write a book it is like it gets a life of its own, I am often surprised when I read the book aloud to friends (or to myself) when I come across a hidden message or something else that I didn't think of while writing it. I love it, it makes me feel so very humble that my unconscious/subconscious mind can teach my conscious mind things Smiler 

Oh well, I better go to bed now, so I won't be a zombie at work tomorrow.


Magical love,





Friday, June 1 2012

Dear Diary,

I am enjoying a wonderful vacation. Most of the time I spend writing on my fantasy books, singing, watching movies and reading books - and I love every sec of it.

I went out shopping today and couldn't resist buying Vampire Diaries season one and two. I watched the first four episodes and WOW, I love it. I actually wasn't sure if I'd like it or not and then it turns out I don't only like it, but love it. Tomorrow I guess I'll spend most of the day watching the rest of season one lol.

I have begun writing on a new book, to work with between working with my two other book projects - a fantasy series and a single fantasy novel. I will have to do a little research before writing this new book, as it's a new genre for me - sci-fi. Right now I am in the process of creating the Universe in which the story takes place, creating societies and characters. It is fun writing something different than I'm used to, it makes me think in a different way.

I have also, a few weeks ago, started training with It's a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.

And of course, then there's Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Blogger... great places to kill time Vinker Well, Blogging is fun. I have two blogs I'm writing on regularly and two other blogs where I only seldom write new posts.

The two blogs I write on most often are:

Then there're the two other blogs:

Magical love,


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08.04 | 22:50

That adorable beautiful face! Maria you are the sweetest cutest girl ever! Precious beauty in each picture. :) You got me smiling again. :)

29.03 | 20:24

I love all your pics Maria. You're the most lovely prettiest blonde dream girl. This is so cute with the mirror. Yes you are the fairest of them all. ;)

29.03 | 20:11

So beautiful! Sunlight shining on your gorgeous pretty face & beautiful blonde hair. You have this innocent pure beauty Maria my dear. Love your expression. :)

29.03 | 20:07

I love this pic,the sunlight from the window,so cool,it has a lonely feel to it that I can relate to. Maria you're like the most adorable cutest princess. :)

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