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I've decided to no longer divide my diary into different years, as I often keep long breaks between writing in it. This diary is from 2014 to whenever I no longer write at all in it Ha ha



Tuesday, March 07, 2017 

Dear diary, 

Wow! It's been so many years since I last wrote to you.

So, what's new since 2014?

Photography is one of the major new things in my life. 

One of my colleagues talked about Nikon and so I decided to buy the Nikon D3300 DSLR and I am absolutely in love with it... but with time I am thinking of getting the Nikon D7200 or an even better, however, those better than D7200 are perhaps a bit too expensive, unless I win the lottery BIG TIME - which I, of course, know I will someday soon {#smileys123.tonqueout}

You can check out some of my photos on my Flickr photostream where I share those photos I am most proud of. I am also on Instagram, check it out here, where I share most of those I share on Flickr and then some that I don't find good enough for Flickr, but still good enough to be shared online Smiler

This week I am enjoying a wonderful relaxation vacation and besides doing photography, reading, watching movies/shows etc. then I am also playing World of Warcraft. I have actually only just begun playing it a little less than a week ago. I never thought I would play it, but I have of course heard about it and one of my colleagues talked about it and I got so curious that I had to try it and I am so very happy I did because that game is just... it's just freaking AMAZING Smiler stort

Magical Creative Love Hjerte




Friday, September 19, 2014

Dear Diary,

Autumn, but it's still summery weather and it's so wonderful. 

Yesterday, the team I work in at my job, we went out for a team building day. We sailed in an old nordic boat (viking ship), both with sails and with oars - it was tons of fun. Afterwards we had to do three team building exercises, which were tons of fun as well and after that we cooked our own dinner over fire.
It was a great day! long, but great.
I have bought The Sims 4. I have never really played The Sims before, only The Sims Social at FaceBook before it was shut down, but that's not really the same as the real Sims games. I have The Sims 3 for Wii, as I read that The Sims 3 for PC didn't work well with all computers with Windows 8, so I decided to buy it for Wii instead. Well, but I never really got to play it, as it's a bit more difficult to control it on the Wii (I am a fan of the active Wii games like Wii Fit Plus, Wii Just Dance etc., but I don't really play non-active games on it).
I however love to play The Sims 4 on my PC. It's increidble just how addicted you can get to a game Vinker

Fairy Love,




Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dear diary,

I can't believe we are in the middle of July. A short while ago it was Christmas, right? Wow, time sure does fly fast and the older you get, the faster it seems to pass. It's amazing and also a little bit scary.

I can't believe I am 31, less than a month ago (June 25) I turned 31 - but I still feel like I'm 25 and a part of me thinks I will keep feeling like I'm 25 forever.

So, what do a 31 year old woman do?

Not much of a change, really. I still work fulltime as a receptionist and I am still very much fond of my job and hope to be able to keep it the rest of my working life (unless I win the lottery BIG time and don't have to work, but then I would do some other work and not just sit at home doing nothing, 'cause boy, would that be borind lol). I left the band I used to sing in several years ago and for many years I missed it when listening to it. I no longer long for creating that music and I think it is because I have a plan of how to create my own music. I have an iPad2 and GarageBand and though this is not exactly a top professional sound, then it is MUCH better than standing in front of a videocamera singing, with background music on your PC behind the camera (the sound quality of those videos, which are uploaded on my YouTube channel, isn't exactly amazingly good). However, I have no idea when I will have a completed song in GarageBand, but when I do, then it will be better sound quality and then I can create a "music video" with iMovie - amazing what you can with an iPad Cool

Oh well, time will show how great it'll become, though I am very optimistic Smiler stort

I of course still write on my fantasy books, but I must admit that I only do it now and then. I somehow have more interest in a calm life, watching movies, reading books... but as long as I do not stop completely with all my creatuive stuff - because when I suddenly am 80 years old (and considering how quick time flies, then this won't be long), I am sure I would regret if I abandon my creativeness completely.

Ha, now I sound so negative - but I am not. I am actually in a very positive mood and I absolutely love doing all the creative stuff, I just have so much interest in watching movies and reading books, so when I get home from my job that's what I do (except those few 'now and then' times where I do work on my music or my books).

Even if I stopped now, completely stopped, then I would still be proud about what I have created so far.

I have written more than 150 songs.

I have recorded some a capella songs in GarageBand (but I need to record it with my Apogee MiC, I won't upload this quality to YouTube, however good it may sound - I am not satisfied).

I have written the first book of the Danish fantasy book series and have written almost half of book two.

And I have so many other book projects, where I've written down the main story and lists with all kinds of descriptions (creating the worlds these stories take place in).

I have created so much, so though I may not have completed them (yet), then I am still so very proud.

Okay, enough about how proud I am of myself Vild

So, a month ago (almost) it was my birthday and on my birthday I always get tons of wonderful presents. So here is a list of my presents this year:

 - Everest backpack (Everest ADV BP 20L, black)

- EGO Pictures, board game...

- Gift card, iTunes

- Screen Protector for iPad 2 & New iPad

- Puro iPhone 4/4S Ultra Slim 0,3 cover, pink

- Panzer Glass for iPhone 4/4S

- 5 Targus iPad pens (AMM01EU)

- Downtown Abbey, series four
- Downtown Abbey, The London Season

- The Borgias, the second season

- Book 12, 13 & 15, Lysets Rige by Margit Sandemo (The Realm of Light – the third series in the book series trilogy (The Legend of the Ice people 47 books, The Witch Master 15 books, The Realm of Light 20 books)

- The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien

- La vie est belle, Lancôme, L’eau de parfum (100 ml)

- Escada, Born in Paradise, Eau de Toilette (100 ml)

- 2 Origins Super Spot Remover (10 ml)

- Garnier PureActive Intensive, Ultra-Exfoliating Scrub

- Garnier PureActive, Anti-Blackheads Exfoliating Scrub

- Garnier PureActive 3in1 (1. Wash, 2. Scrub, 3. Mask)

- 2 Garnier PureActive Intensive, Pimple Reducing Mattifying Toner

- Garnier PureActive Intensive, Anti-Spot 24H Moisturiser

- Gillette Venus Breeze

- The Original Turbie Twist, Hair Towel

- Disposable gloves

- 2 packs of Nutricia Nutridrink compact

- Ella’s Kitchen, chick-chick chicken casserole with rice. Textured not lumpy 100% organic


See, I always gets TONS of presents - because I'm a good girl Kys Vinker

Magical Love and tons of Inner Sunshine,




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08.04 | 22:50

That adorable beautiful face! Maria you are the sweetest cutest girl ever! Precious beauty in each picture. :) You got me smiling again. :)

29.03 | 20:24

I love all your pics Maria. You're the most lovely prettiest blonde dream girl. This is so cute with the mirror. Yes you are the fairest of them all. ;)

29.03 | 20:11

So beautiful! Sunlight shining on your gorgeous pretty face & beautiful blonde hair. You have this innocent pure beauty Maria my dear. Love your expression. :)

29.03 | 20:07

I love this pic,the sunlight from the window,so cool,it has a lonely feel to it that I can relate to. Maria you're like the most adorable cutest princess. :)

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